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Finding a Lifestyle Photographer

Finding a Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle photography has become the mainstream with availability of smart phones and relatively affordable DSLR cameras. However, true lifestyle photography is more than just taking candid shots. It’s about telling a story through your photos. It’s about a relationship, a feeling and most notably a personality. A good lifestyle photographer should have the following aspects:


lifestyle-photographyNowadays, good lifestyle photography is everywhere. There is no specific time or pose for a perfect photograph. As a lifestyle photographer, you should be ready anytime and every time to capture special moments that last only a few seconds. This distinguishes you from the rest. Capture the spark of the moment and try to have both before, during and after moments.


Lifestyle photography happens everywhere all the time. A good photographer should be able to work with the natural light any time. He should be able to make it work by either:

  • Changing the camera angle
  • Changing the shooting position
  • Grabbing a reflector, etc.

If the subject of the photo shoot is not in the best light, the photographer should always find a way to make it work.

Creating the Mood

A good lifestyle photographer should be able to help in creating the mood for the shoot. If you are working with a couple, find a way to create a romantic moment. If you are working with a family, find the best way to make everyone burst into laughter. If it’s a birthday party, you want to get a shot of the kid with the cake and icing smeared all over his or her face; such moments when captured make great memories.


It’s the small details that matter when it comes to lifestyle photography. These moments are cherished hence a good photographer should be able to capture the smallest details. It is said that a good lifestyle photographer ought to know how to capture emotions in their photos.


Lifestyle photography is more than just the “look at me and smile” kind of photos. It involves the photographer engaging with the client, showcasing their personalities and bringing out the most natural expressions.

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YourWelcome Smart Device for Better Airbnb Customer Experience

YourWelcome Smart Device for Better Airbnb Customer Experience

When you are into Airbnb, you have to go out of you way in order to make sure that your guest enjoy impeccable services. When you go above and beyond yourself to even use applications such as YourWelcome, you become a super-host on the Airbnb listings, which is really great for you. Now, YourWelcome is making the concept of becoming a super host quite easy because they provide you with a free tablet that your guests get to use during their stay. The tablet helps you communicate with them a lot easily and allows you to make recommendations to them about the local area. If you are looking for Airbnb tips to become a super host, here are some great ways to help you out.

Get at least 10 bookings every year

Do not fret, this is not as hard as you think, actually, you can easily achieve this. Charge the right amount to begin with so that you are competitive in the market. Try to monitor the market and automate the process so that you are always ahead. Charging the right prices will attract you a lot of customers.

Response rate

Make sure you have a more than 90% response rate by answering all the guest queries. Each query means a potential customer so you have to be serious. The Airbnb app is will make this easy for you wherever you are.

Try not to cancel

It rally is not very wise to cancel on someone so aim to never do it. Of course, there might be a time you just cannot help it and at such times, see to it that you give the guest an early notice. This will seem more considerate on your part and they might book with you the next time they visit your area.

Strive for a high review rate

This is quite tricky but if you make the stay easier with the YourWelcome app and tablet, you make it a lot easier to get a high rate. You need to deliver a fiver star service in order to receive a five star review. You have to know the type of guest you mostly get, if they are business traveler, see to it that your accommodation is appropriate. If most of the guests are staying with their children, provide the kids with toys so they can have fun and the parents will appreciate. Of course, having the accommodation sparkling clean is an obvious aspect, including your towels, linens and dishes. YourWelcome will seriously improve your rating because the guests will find it very useful.

5 Tips for Recycling Your Construction Waste

5 Tips for Recycling Your Construction Waste

Construction waste accounts for almost one third of all refuse nationwide. Making modest efforts in reusing debris and building materials can make significant changes. Some of the waste materials include cardboard, plastic packaging and excess building materials. Different types of old materials can be recycled and reused in other ways. Masonry can be used for construction to make rod bases. Windows, doors and roofing’s can be reused in other habitations. Appliances and fixtures like sinks and baths can be refitted elsewhere. Lumber and other wood products can be reused as biomass fuel while metals for smelting and conversion to other products. Cardboard and paper can be reused for pulping while plastic crates, containers, bags and sheets can be reused for the same purpose they served. Below are tips for recycling your construction waste;

  1. Building it back into a new product; the easiest and smartest way of recycling construction waste is by integrating it back to something new. In remodeling projects, walls are never demolished. One can simply redecorate or reconfigure.
  2. Building it in standard dimensions; building projects offer a chance to build in standard measurements. The less you have to cut, the less wastage one will incur. This saves time and effort. Framing layouts can be planned to use standard wood lengths and standard dimensions making it easier to use what you left over.
  3. Locate a local recycling center; ensure the recycling center is located locally. A place you do not have to use much time, effort and gas to get there.
  4. Practice deconstruction instead of demolition; remove reusable items without damaging them. The materials can be reused in social housing projects. One can also manage to do a yard sale during the construction project.
  5. Calculate savings; recycling is also an opportunity for higher profitability and better prices to customers.


Construction waste can be reused in many ways and one can earn and save money from it. if you a London based Golf course, check the best rubbish clearance London.…