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Interior Design For Beginners

Interior Design For Beginners

interior-designEvery person at some point has a space to call their own; whether their bedroom as a teen or their first living space in college. It’s a good idea to follow these tips when it comes to interior design for beginners;

  1. Your personal style – It is important to know what your personal taste and style is. This will help you determine what you would like and what your objective is when it comes to designing a space for yourself. Going through architectural magazines and home magazines will give you a great idea of what is out there and how to factor in furniture, colour and texture in your space. With so many websites and visual sites like Pinterest, this task has been made increasingly easier. Look for styles and elements which stand out and create a collage of the elements you like. Feel free to mix and merge them to come up with your own unique signature look.
  2. Space available – The space available will help you merge your ideas with what you can implement realistically. It may not be ideal to fit a king size bed in a tiny space so it’s important to keep your ideas proportional to the space you have at hand. Keep in mind that pieces need space to work; crowding a room not only makes the room smaller but it also creates clutter which makes it a difficult space to live and work in. When it comes to design, sometimes less is more.
  3. Use of colour – Colour has such a great impact on any room. Certain colours and known to evoke certain emotions when the human eye perceives it; yellow evokes emotions of joy and happiness while blue brings out a sense of calm and tranquillity. Taking a good look at colour palette, testing a few sample colours on the walls will help you determine what colours best suit the walls and rooms in your home or office space and help you make the ultimate decision.
  4. Texture and patterns – It’s a great idea to use textures that contrast to create a fluidity in the room and to give the room dimension. Patterns are great if used well and with a minimalist view since large and bold patterns can have a chaotic effect in the room, creating disharmony instead of synchrony. Check the interior designers London


These interior design tips for beginners will help you well on your way to creating a lovely space to call your own.

Best of Tom Dixon