5 Tips for Recycling Your Construction Waste

5 Tips for Recycling Your Construction Waste

Construction waste accounts for almost one third of all refuse nationwide. Making modest efforts in reusing debris and building materials can make significant changes. Some of the waste materials include cardboard, plastic packaging and excess building materials. Different types of old materials can be recycled and reused in other ways. Masonry can be used for construction to make rod bases. Windows, doors and roofing’s can be reused in other habitations. Appliances and fixtures like sinks and baths can be refitted elsewhere. Lumber and other wood products can be reused as biomass fuel while metals for smelting and conversion to other products. Cardboard and paper can be reused for pulping while plastic crates, containers, bags and sheets can be reused for the same purpose they served. Below are tips for recycling your construction waste;

  1. Building it back into a new product; the easiest and smartest way of recycling construction waste is by integrating it back to something new. In remodeling projects, walls are never demolished. One can simply redecorate or reconfigure.
  2. Building it in standard dimensions; building projects offer a chance to build in standard measurements. The less you have to cut, the less wastage one will incur. This saves time and effort. Framing layouts can be planned to use standard wood lengths and standard dimensions making it easier to use what you left over.
  3. Locate a local recycling center; ensure the recycling center is located locally. A place you do not have to use much time, effort and gas to get there.
  4. Practice deconstruction instead of demolition; remove reusable items without damaging them. The materials can be reused in social housing projects. One can also manage to do a yard sale during the construction project.
  5. Calculate savings; recycling is also an opportunity for higher profitability and better prices to customers.


Construction waste can be reused in many ways and one can earn and save money from it. if you a London based Golf course, check the best rubbish clearance London.

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